Award Programs


Year End High Point Program – Earn Awards for Showing at Our Approved Shows!
As a WMHA paid member, you are eligible to earn points from every class you enter in all of our approved open horse shows. You must show at one day of our annual show. There is no fee for Year-End High Points and no forms to fill out. We do all the work, and you collect your awards at the end of the year Annual Award Banquet!

Medallion Program (pdf) – Earn Awards for Your Horse!
For a one-time $40 fee, you can enter your horse to earn points throughout its lifetime, no matter who owns the horse! A medallion will be given at different point bracket intervals. This is a great way to increase the value of your horse!

Makin Tracks Program (pdf) – Earn Awards just for trail riding!
WMHA offers a program where you can track your time riding or driving. Whether you are trail riding or just working your horse, you can track your time in the saddle or behind a cart and receive awards upon reaching the designated levels. This is a great way to set goals and strive for consistency.

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